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Introducing BeneFactors

Overcome modern fundraising challenges and equip your non-profit to meet the digital age head-on

Contemporary fundraisers and development professionals are meeting a new and challenging set of obstacles as they go out into the world and try to raise money for their causes and organizations.

In BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professionals Always Succeed, a team of veteran philanthropy strategists and consultants delivers an exciting and practical playbook for modern fundraising that can be deployed in a variety of non-profit organizations and settings. You’ll explore eight factors for mastering  fundraising in the innovative era of philanthropy.

In the book, you’ll discover:

  • Innovative strategies for navigating the digital fundraising transformation and how to guide your donors through the giving process

  • How to use data science and fundraising analytics to inform your decision-making process and find better results

  • Ways to banish excessive risk aversion and uncover a boldness you didn’t know you had in you

An extraordinary and insightful handbook to fundraising in the modern age, BeneFactors: Why Some Fundraising Professionals Always Succeed is sure to find its way onto the bookshelves of board members, emerging development professionals, and other leaders of fundraising teams and organizations.




Amy Lampi

Nonprofit Innovator, Frontline Fundraiser

Connecting people with their passions is what Amy Lampi finds especially inspiring, and she knows that nonprofits provide just that incredible opportunity for those who embrace an organization’s mission and are inspired to be philanthropic. Bringing those components together is magical.

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Josh Birkholz

Fundraising Author, Idea Generator

Josh Birkholz has been driven to help turn tomorrow’s dreams into today’s realities. Philanthropy inspires him because “giving is the most tangible, collective, and inspiring demonstration of this essential human quality. To enable philanthropy is among the noblest of pursuits.” the team.


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